Resawn lumber texture

Does anyone know where a texture for resawn lumber might be available. I can’t seem to find that rough texture anywhere.


You could make your own from a photograph, and import it as a texture.

I’ll have to try that.


A five second google search for “rough lumber texture” without the quotes, found this site, which might have what you want.

I generally do what John suggested and work with images of full lengths of boards (8 to 14 feet long, usually) and random widths. If your project can tolerate the shorter length pieces, the link John added could be a good resource.

Yes I prefer not to have repeated textures within the same piece of lumber.

I hadn’t searched the web yet. Looked on warehouse. I haven’t had good look on the web for textures and items that are unusual for most people.

Although I did search Pintrest


Yeah. That’s why I use the long textures. I can pick out sections for different “boards” in the model. For things that are wider than the texture I can use different sections along the length. I usually make between 3 and 10 from the same log so I can get enough material out for an entire project. If you make your own textures, you might do the same.

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