Russian A frame in the Aussie bush

Hi all just finished an image of accommodation (A frame) a friend sent me from a holiday in Northern Russia, so I put in an Australian environment (Australian bush)
1000 bounces samples, 45 bounces, house modelled by me in Sketchup. Some native trees from Globe plants and some 3D warehouse models, native TM models, no TM trees as they are ■■■■, but some of the dead trees etc are native TM models (Nice)


Crikey, mate!

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Very impressive

Although… 45 bounces?!
Someone had time to kill :sweat_smile:

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It took me a moment to realize that the trees weren’t birches. Everything seems to be so big in Australia that a wood is called “bush”…
Very good work.

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Hmmmm. Thought occurs to me as to how to use @Medeek’s tools to model this!

Perhaps a very steep Gable Roof erected directly on the floor?


Total render time was 10.5 minutes

Nice- I would have expected hours. Perhaps as there are not lots of glossy surfaces it wasn’t so bad. I’m not super familiar with how TM breaks things down

There are about 50 high poly trees and about 100 TM trees with a lot of different 3D grasses and a lot of reflected glass, TM handled it well:)

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