Creating a LIVE EDGE nightstand (need a little help" :):)

Hello gang, I am trying to create a liveedge nightstand similar to the picture attached. What it will have is the sides and top to have the livedge on the face and a 45 degree miter joining all 3 pieces.

Basically, when constructed the piece will be built from the same slab of wood so all the grain runs the same way, like a cascade effect.

I tried dismally to do this!! :):slight_smile:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Jaylivedge nightstand

A lot depends on how detailed you want the live edge.
Here is a simple version using the Freehand tool and follow me.

Drawing an irregular surface, like the live edge of a board, is very difficult. The method Box shows will give you a good approximation (and it sometimes helps to remember that the name of this program begins with β€œsketch”). You could also draw a curvy or angled face and apply a photo of the live edge as a texture. Again, an approximation. And considering that no two live-edge boards are alike, an approximation may be all that you can deliver.
Hope this helps.

If you create a squiggly line in the plan view (similar to what @Box showed), you can use it with the Follow Me tool to create the beveled edge. With a little forethought, you can make the mitered edges meet pretty well.


Creating two 90 degree cutting planes, use them to cut the live edge at two places:

Remove everything but the front faces:


Connect the edges and draw the rest of the slabs:

Grouping each piece, you can then rotate the two outside slabs 90 degrees to form the cabinet:


Thank you so much gang!! Thats all I needed, you guys always come to the rescue!!


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