Some questions with a bedroom furniture set

I need to get out of my well warn path and do a few new tricks, and this project brings up a few.

I’ve made the bedside table in cherry, and successfully used the Dave Method to make the drawer pull.

First question is, what’s the best way to apply wood grain to such a shape?

I’ll bet @DaveR does this all the time.

Maybe not all the time.

I would generally set up a face in front of the knob and apply the texture to that face. Then I would set the texture to be projected, sample it, and apply it to the front of the knob. I’d unsoften the edges around the largest diameter of the knob so I could paint the front dome separate from the neck. Typically a knob like that would be turned such that the dome would be mostly end grain so I’d use one of my cherry end grain textures.

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Projecting worked well enough for now. I didn’t know projection would wrap around the backside, because I never tried that before.

The “SketchUV mapping tools” is also a handy way to align textures on more complex shapes.



Where does that one come from?

Edit: This one, I take it?

Yes, that’s the one. Worth looking at the videos as its not so intuitive.

I made the bed easily enough.

Making the mattress was an unexpected learning experience. Just creating a profile of the edge and using follow me produced different results from what I was looking for and a nasty little hole:

That first segment from straight to curving ends up not making a wedge segment. I went about it in another way, and got what I intended, but the process took more thought.

So, the next question and new challenge in modeling for me is: How do you make pillows and dress the bed?

Here’s a high poly example from 3D Warehouse:

I now have SubD and Vertex tools in my toolbox. Any other tools, like Clothworks?

Good work on the bed.

As for the mattress corners, the trick is to set up the profile outside the path.

Pillows: there are various tools for that. You could use Vertex Tool for that. For the sheets and duvet, Clothworks would be a good option. I was taught to make a bed so you could bounce a quarter off it so that bed from the Warehouse bothers me a bit. :wink:


This might help you on the pillows, it’s a bag of chips but same technique.

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Excellent! just what I was looking for.

A little tip for using follow me on a rounded rectangle, don’t make more profile than you need, all it does is make faces you have to clean up.


I’ve always found that less than obvious at least, if not counter intuitive, but it does seem to be a good practice.

In your example, the radius of the outer corners is greater than the depth of the profile so the resulting big, flat faces are also rounded rectangles. That’s not bad, in fact it all works more easily as a result than ending up with rectangles.

You could add some piping detail to that profile too!.. Just in case you have to take the sheets off.


Nice touch, and I like the pattern too.

It’s not complete, though. You have to put a zipper in the side so RT can insert his money. :smiley:

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I’ll be round next time your out…


If only…I’m gonna check my mattress now, you never know.


You could have left some money hidden in there back around 2008. It would have been safer than the banks.

Haha! You use Skatter for that?

Yes, Skatter. Not too refined, a bit of a quickie…hence no collision set and no other side of dollar bill !!

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