Kitchen Pulls


Just having a go at making some pulls and handles, I have attached the kind of thing I am aiming at (pullA) and what I have got to (don’t laugh!!!) When I have tried exporting and putting it in another software I have, it shows up the ridges that you can see in pullB with the hidden geometry switched on rather than the pullC pic, and do I do anything else to it to give a nice smooth surface on the areas that should be smooth?

Do you have a larger image of the original pull? It looks to me as if you need to round over the sharp edges.

Hi Dave, no I haven’t, I am just trying things and this is from a supplier that one of my customers use. You are probably right that I need to round over on the sharper bits

You might find it helpful to model the knob centered on the origin and work with units set to Meters but treat them as millimeters or inches–whatever units you really want. Or better, use the Dave Method.

Ok, I’ll try doing it that way. The way I did it was, because it is only a 25mm x 38mm finish size, I drew it at 250mm x 380mm and then scaled it down.

I find it’s easier to work in meters because I don’t have to do any math. 25mm is treated like 25m. Using the Dave Method I would scale up a factor of 1000x.

I’m sure this isn’t right but it should give you an idea.

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Also, to make the knob easier to use, either set the component axis to the center of the back of the knob when making the component

Or give the component gluing properties and set the axes accordingly.

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Great, just checking did you do yours by using the follow me on a circle I presume?

Yes. I drew a profile and used a circle for the Follow Me path.

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I’m lost as to how you have those nice small curves all equal like that, is it with any extensions you have or just native tools. I’m sure it is a simple work flow when you know how :grimacing:

I did a radial array of circles with an arc in between. Radial arrays are created with the Rotate/Copy.

According to the line drawing of the knob in your first image, that part of the knob isn’t spherical sit it needs to be scaled a bit to compress it before I finished the profile.

Keep in mind you don’t need to make it incredibly accurate. It won’t show up that well in the renders due to its small size. You’d be better off showing a photo of the real thing if you need that kind of detail.

Ah great, was that drawn at a large or small scale as shown?

At the larger scale

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This seems like a case where you need to think carefully about the tradeoff between possible model detail and necessary model detail. Unless the view zooms in close on that pull, you won’t be able to see the fine structure and it will bloat the model to no useful result. Look carefully at how many segments you really need in each arc.


Steve wrote what I was implying regarding level of detail. Limit the number of sides on the circles and arcs.