Launch Browser Again - Can't log in

I repaired the install by running as admin. Rebooted. I keep deleting the “login_session.dat” file. Over and over. The launch browser again doesn’t do anything. Windows 10.

It’s probably your “nunya5.0” graphics card. Those aren’t supported.
Screenshot - 2_5_2023 , 4_25_08 PM


What is your default browser?

Chrome (up to date)

Thanks. If you’re on Chrome, and you’ve been deleting the login_session.dat file, I’m not sure what to try next.

By the time you see the launch browser again button, you’re supposed to already be in the browser. If you followed the steps in this article:

it should sort things out.

@J4SketchUp can you ask around to see if there is a known issue I’m not thinking of?

@mtuckcg before you delete the login session file SketchUp and LayOut must be closed completey and not running in the background. Then delete the login session file and you should be good to go! If you’re still experiencing issues after that I would highly recommend submitting a ticket to our support team:

The Log-in-errors article that is linked has had its information merged into an FAQ article. This is the new link to use:

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