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The model fails to allow transparency in some windows after placed while other parts of the same model allow.
project (2).skp (909.4 KB)

It looks to me as if the inside and outside faces of that part of the wall aren’t parallel to each other. You should ask your question in the Lattice Maker thread.

By the way, why is your model over half a mile from the origin and turned at a strange angle? It’s not helping you create an accurate model.

I transfered this particular building from another project model file so that I can refer to it seperately from the others and its easier for reference. I haven’t set up the axis after the transfer. This might be part of the problem and I’ll adjust the axis.

Would just changing out the wall with the transparent problem and replacing it with a wall (created from scratch) help? The other walls are fine since the windows do show through. Since some of the walls of the same building are not parallel to each other, I thought this might help.
Thanks for the suggestion.

The box sitting aside, is not part of the model and used for comparison

There is also a large section of terrain on a hidden Tag.

Thanks, I wasn’t sure if the Terrain was related to the problem. This model with windows not showing through has occurred in the previous file with or without the large terrain. But thanks

You need to fix the bad geometry of the wall first.

I only used it because it had a clear corner to get the coordinates from. It’s close to your model and your model is at a long distance from the origin.

Can I just replace out one of the walls by deleting it and then putting in another wall with a single face rather than correcting the geometry for the wall? The building doesn’t have to be perfect as long as the windows will work.

You can certainly erase geometry and draw new geometry. There seem to be a number of other problems with your building’s geometry. Maybe easiest to start over and make it all correct from the beginning instead of looking for all the spots that need repair.

I’ll check with the Lattice maker thread community for additional help,
Thanks again