One Wall Is Transparent


I am completely new with SketchUp. All was well with my model, but now the back wall is see through. All other elements are fine. Thoughts?


Start by posting your model to the chat so users can understand your problem better.



Upload the model itself please (the SKP file), not just an image. All the image does is tell us what you already said - one wall is transparent.

Does it have a face? Or is it just four lines with no face? You might have deleted the face by accident, leaving nothing to see between the lines.

If that is the case, you can recreate the face by redrawing one edge. If the wall is a group or component (you should have made it one or the other) open it for editing first, either by R-click/Edit Component or Edit Group, or double click on a visible edge. If redrawing an edge doesn’t create a face, try drawing a diagonal. If THAT works, but deleting the diagonal deletes the face again, then you have moved one of the corners out of plane as well as deleting the face.

But I’m guessing blind without the model.


B300-19 UPS.skp (201.2 KB)


I guessed right. You haven’t made the wall a component, but you had deleted the face between its edges.


How do I fix it?


As I said above.

But you need to learn how to make components, so your geometry doesn’t stick together. And draw with ‘front faces outside’. All your ‘boxes’ and the bowl on the floor were drawn with blue (reverse) faces out.

i’ve quickly redrawn your model, making components out of the wall, floor, each ‘box’ and the bowl, with the reversed faces corrected.

It’s almost essential to make components as you go - whenever you draw something - a single object - triple click on any part of it to select all the connected edges and faces, then press the keyboard letter g (without the shift key) to Make Component, give the component a name, then Create component.

To fix the reverse faces, open each component for editing, select all of its elements, R-click, and choose Reverse Faces.
B300-19 UPS.skp (321.6 KB)


Thanks John. Sounds similar to making blocks in CAD.


It’s a long time since I used AutoCad, but I think it is very like. Layers, however, are very different. In SU, they ONLY control visibility, and should only be applied to groups or components, not edges or faces. ALWAYS draw on Layer0, and ALWAYS (with very rare exceptions) leave Layer0 as the default layer when creating geometry.


Layers in AutoCad don’t control anything besides visibility and appearance either.


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