Why does this one wall look different?

If someone could take a look at the middle interior wall in the attached file I would greatly appreciate it. It looks sorta transparent? The other walls are white but this small piece of interior wall is sorta transparent (missing the outer face???) . How to fix and how did it even occur in the first place??
Thank you
mj.skp (207.2 KB)

Just draw the three edges highlighted below.

you may need to delete the ceiling?.


Thank you. I wasn’t clear on the 3 edges you meant, but I made a rectangle on the open face and it closed it up. So that problem is fixed. But why is it gray? Why isn’t it white like the rest of the wall beside it? The 4 foot hanging wall is gray (although the other side of the 4 foot wall is white)!?!?!

The gray is the back face. It should be reversed. You can (and should) right click on it and pick reverse face.

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You are absolutely amazing! Thank you!

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