Latest Sketchup update problem exporting to PDF

Since updating to the latest version of Pro 21.1 I am no longer able to export layout files to PDF. I can get round it for A3 drawings by print to PDF but I cant do anything with A1 drawings. When I export it comes back with an error message and an empty file is created. Anyone else?

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no problems for me ( so far )

perhaps you could share the file…?

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I think the issue is file size which I have never had before. I can export no problem files of 3MB but this one is 17Mb, hence I can only give you a link to it below as to big to upload to the forum
A3 drawing

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Yes, your file is doing the same for me.

I’ve no idea what it could be…

I purged unused stuff from your SketchUp model…
Screenshot - 6_18_2021 , 6_24_18 AM

…and fixed the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 6_18_2021 , 6_27_04 AM

…and then tried exporting both as A3 and A1. No problem in either case. I didn’t change anything regarding the size of the content on the sheets when switching to A1. Might have been something in the SketchUp model.
A3 1to100 floor plan 15 June 21.pdf (601.2 KB)

Hi DaveR
thanks for looking at this. I have tried doing a purge and still the same. I havent seen the boxes in your reply come up for me before and I wonder maybe that I am not doing a proper check on my model. I go into model infor click on statistics and then click on “purge unused”. I am not sure about the second box you have shown regarding Default Tag Geometry. Would you mind talking me though what you did in more detail. I have used Sketchup for many years without this problem occuring.

I use a plugin from Sketchucation called Purge All to purge unused stuff because it gives that report so I can show others what was removed. Purge Unused in Statistics does the same thing but without the report.

As for Default Tag Geometry, that’s also a plugin available at Sketchucation. Both of these plugins were written by the Venerable TIG. It goes through all of the geometry in the SketchUp model and removes tags from any that it finds. You can do that manually but it can be quite time consuming. As you know, all edges and faces should be created and left untagged. Only objects, components and groups, should have tags given to them.

Hi DaveR
your last piece of advice there is really good. I often import CAD files to work on and each layer in the CAD file appears to have a tag. So even though I make the CAD file “Untagged” the individual tags must still exist even though they are not visible in the TAG tray. I will look at that extension so that in future I can clean the file up before working on it and that will drastically reduce the number of tags in a file.
As always thanks for your help

You should get CAD layers as tags in SketchUp but it’s not uncommon for the loose geometry to have the tags so using that plugin right after import can be a huge timesaver and reduce problems down the line. I would correct the tag usage and then purge the model of unused tags. It might be that you’ll need to create new tags later but keeping the file trim and correctly organized is going to be more efficient.

There shouldn’t be any tags in the SketchUp file that aren’t show in the Tags list.