Laptop for Basecamp 2018



Hello everyone

i’d like to get some advice to prepare for 3d basecamp. I have a personal cheap HP laptop and I’ve installed sketchup 2017, it only has a intel integrated graphics card so I can’t get to creative with my models, should I stick with that for the basecamp? cause I really don’t want to spend $2,000.00 on a laptop that i’ll only use for 1 week, or should I rent one instead?

any advice would be helpful

Thanks in advance


Hey @junior,

I’d question the validity of renting a unit you won’t have access to after Basecamp 2018. What would you do with files created on the rented system? Will those files be accessible from your “personal cheap HP laptop”.


I would save those files to dropbox so that I could download them on my workstation in my office.
in which case my laptop wouldn’t even get envolved,


A low end laptop should work quite well for the Basecamp. There is no time to make huge and overly detailed models at the Basecamp. The techniques that are presented, that later are used for such advanced projects, are typically illustrated on quite simple models.


Thank you for the clarification


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