Help choosing a laptop for sketchup make 2017

i want to get a laptop that i can use at school for modeling woods projects. Configure . this is the laptop i had in mind but i need to know if it will run sketchup make 2017 smoothly, please help.

Desktop SketchUp

Integrated graphics are not recommended for use with SketchUp. But it may still work.

The touch screen options are not needed, but for 600 bucks I would think you could find a notebook with Full HD resolution (1920x1080).

The processor is likely more than you need for student woodworking projects.

The RAM is okay at 16GB.

SketchUp for Web

This notebook would likely run the Web version of SketchUp fine in Edge or Chrome.

For example, the following HP notebook is a gaming model and has a dedicated Nvidia graphics for 50 bucks more.

It has an AMD Ryzen processor instead of an Intel iCore, and only has 8GB RAM standard. (RAM is upgradable.)

It also has a FHD display.

I was looking at that laptop as well, you said the processor was more than I would need, is there another laptop you would recommend for $650 or less? Thanks