Lack of Keyboard Commands in V17


I have been using Sketchup for 9 years and always used keyboard commands to assist with my drawing productivity. In the latest release of Sketchup (V17), I have not been able to use keyboard commands. Does anyone know if this feature is still available with V17 or if it has been eliminated (hope not). Thanks.

Lew Ambrose


Keyboard shortcuts are still a feature in SketchUp 2017. Others have reported a problem with non-functional keyboard shortcuts. The problem was traced to incorrect installation of SketchUp. Perhaps that your issue as well. Find the installer you download, right click on it and use Run as administrator. When given the option, choose Repair.


It’t still available. There should be a lot of default shortcuts there, ready to use. There must be something wrong with your SketchUp install. See if you at least can assign any keys yourself via Preferences > Shortcuts, … to start with.
And @DaveR’s suggestion to repair is probably it.


I had the same problem after installing 2017. Went to Windows > Preferences > Shortcut > Reset All and it worked!!! I don’t think I could use SketchUp without the short cuts. It would take forever!


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