Labels on a drawing

Hi folks,

I haven’t used SketchUp for a few years, loved it but school computers were too slow.

The skechup for schools seems to be running far better, even on chromebooks.

My scenario is students creating a landscape design drawing. In the hand rendered drawing they usually have a box with all plant material, binomial nomenclature, number of specimens included, etc. It is like a spreadsheet.

In old or not for school versions there was options for text on plane. I am having trouble figuring the best way to create that grid with text in it…

Any ideas?

In SketchUp of any sort you can create screen text using the Text tool (in the same group of tools as the Tape Measure tool.

There is no way in the web or desktop versions to add borders into the text to make it look like a spreadsheet, however.

An alternative that might actually be faster would be to create the table in Excel or another spreadsheet application, make a screen shot of it and import that as an image which could then be placed as desired.

With SketchUp Pro this sort of thing is done in LayOut and the spreadsheet or other text is inserted directly.