Quick Reference Card

Has there been any thought to creating a quick Reference Card for SketchUp for Schools. It is most helpful with SketchUp Pro and would be greatly beneficial for SketchUp for Schools.

I think someone did something like that and shared it in the forum. I’ll see if I can find it.

Found what I was thinking of. Most keyboard shortcuts will be the same as the default shortcuts for SketchUp Pro.

Thanks for finding this.

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I know this is an old post, but just came across it today. I have another reference card that also includes the images of the different tools, as I teach a variety of ages and sometimes the pictures are easier to remember than the exact tool names. (I actually had a student help make this when we were transitioning from the desktop version to the online version.)

This is designed to be taped in to the back of a composition notebook (or spiral) in a way that the images/text can be seen when the book is closed and turned sideways (to save tabletop space). The white part is taped onto the back cover of the composition notebook and the text/images are folded in so the page is out of sight when it is not needed. Some kiddos have figured out that if they prop their composition notebook like a tent and fold the paper over the back, they have a free standing reference page. (I hope that makes sense.)

I thought I’d share just in case…

SKP Tools Handout for Comp Book.pdf (192.5 KB)

This is exactly what I was looking for thanks for sharing.