Text Tools in Sketchup for Schools

Hi there,

I have been using my.sketchup with my students for about the past six months. It is a fantastic tool and we are currently in the process of getting Sketchup for Schools deployed by our board’s IT department.

Is there any way to insert text for a model?

The dimensions tool is present but there doesn’t seem to be any way to label specific parts of a model, or describe parts of a scene. This would be essential for me to maximize the way I can use the tool with my students.

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I have not used my sketchup but does it not have the Leader Text? And can you not use the 3D text?

Neither is available from what I can see.

OK - as I said, I have not used my sketchup so I probably should not have commented :grin:

SketchUp for schools (and my.sketchup) display text and dimensions, but they have not yet a user interface to create and edit texts. This is obviously lacking, but we can expect it will be added in future.

Hi @colin.pattison,

At this point in time, SketchUp for Schools does not yet have the 3D text tool. Hang tight as we’ll be adding this functionality in the coming months. We will also start to include release updates directly in the application so you can see what changes are made with each release.


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