Label and dimension text from SU model enlarges to illegibility in Layout

I’m new to SU Pro and Layout, so still learning its quirks.

I have a simple dimensioned and labelled drawing in SU 2016, for a stage set of the play Our House, which includes simple ‘prison bars’ (attached model 8’H x 7’W Barred wall.skp. When I view or print it direct from SU, it prints fine (using Fit to Page) and looks like the attached 8’x7’ barred wall.pdf. But I wanted to add borders and identifying information, so Inserted the SKP file into Layout.

When I import it into Layout and double click on the imported SU model inside the viewport, it shows the labels in Layout, much the same size as in SU, but enlarges the dimension text to near-illegibility - see Screen Shot 1.png.

But when I click again outside the viewport, the label text also enlarges and goes partly beyond the edges of the viewport, and the dimension text enlarges further, to make a complete mess - see Screen Shot 2.phg.

How can I set the text parameters in SU so that they behave in Layout? Or is there some scaling bug that is preventing it from working properly - or at least, as I perhaps naively believe it should behave?

OOPS - I can’t see how to add files to this post - I only have a button for Create Topic. What am I missing?8’H x 7’W Barred wall.skp (113.6 KB)8’x7’ barred wall.pdf (560.8 KB)

First, do not double click on the viewport in LayOut. Set up scenes in SU with the views as you need them. In LO you can drag the viewport sides to resize the viewport if needed but don’t double click on it.

As for the text, how do you have it set up in SketchUp? Is the size in points or model units (inches)?

The best thing would be to do the labeling in LO instead.

Easier to see what’s happening with the LO file. No need to upload the SKP file if you share the LO file, though.

Thanks for advice. I had the view in SU the way it displayed fine both on screen and in print.

The text of all leader text and dimensions were set in SU as Lucida Grande 12pt.

When I first created the Layout page for the barred wall, and imported the SU file all of the text of one leader was missing, but you could still see the leader line. When I deleted the page, restarted Layout, and did it again, that problem went away.

But I can get it back by changing the render method - all the leader text is visible when I choose Raster, but the text of two leaders which then partially lay outside the viewport on the left (not the leader lines) disappeared when I choose Vector or Hybrid.

But the behaviour doesn’t seem entirely consistent. When I panned the view in Sketchup to leave more room on the left for the leader text to ‘expand’ into, so there’s no overlap outside the viewport, and clicked Update Model Reference, the text all stayed visible whichever render method I used. But all the text (leader and dimension) was still enlarged considerably relative to the original SU model text.

Perhaps when the text is rendered as Vector, or Hybrid, if it isn’t all in the viewport, none of it is displayed?

I now attach my Layout file, which I started over again, with just one page - a detail page of the one item of a single set of prison bars. (The original file, which also contained the set plan, is too big to upload so I’ve deleted that page and purged the file to reduce its size).

Our House - prison bars.layout (120.5 KB)

Check your PMs, John.

VERY many thanks, Dave, for your helpful advice.

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