Dimensions sent to Layout are Mis-sized

An amateur user here with SU Pro. I just completed a full set of shop drawings for kitchen cabs I’m building. I’m ready to print various components to guide my build, but I’m having trouble replicating my file (and dimensions) in Layout.

Each of the separate cab boxes in my SU file is in its own scene, with the dimensions on its own Tag (Layer). I sent the file to Layout and while the component comes over “okay” (lines are not crisp), the big problem is that the dimensions from my SU file are enlarged by Layout to a point where it’s hard to read.

I see that Layout has its own dimensioning tool, which I hadn’t known. I’m hoping, the use the dimensions that I had already created for each component within my source SU Pro file and that Layout can display and print those dimensions in the same way I created them within the source file

Also, once my file is in Layout, several of the menu items are grayed out. Something is amiss, likely user error. Hoping that one of you nice folks can clarify for me without my having to go through too many YouTube videos.

Thanks in advance!


As usual, it helps enormously to see an actual file you are having issues with. As you surmise, it is almost always to do with user error.

Dimensioning in SU when you have Layout is unnecessary. Layout is the tool for the job. You will also find it is much more adaptable. Same goes for text.


Thank you for the quick response. I wished I had stopped here before investing so heavily in creating dimensions in my source SU file - about 35 different views of various cab modules and trim pieces. For my next design, I’ll know to use Layout for this. As a workaround, I’ve exported my files to PDF and my local copy shop will print them. It will meet my needs.

Thanks again for your advice.