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Exported a sketchup model into KUBITY and the sketchup model has bits of geometry missing Why? any rules or clean ups ?

Most of the time, renderextension won’t look at the ‘backside of a face’ (saves about 50% rendertime)

But while modelling, sometimes faces get disoriented.
You can check if the faces are all set properly in View->Facestyle->monochrome

Hey Tony,
Kubity uses an algorithm to optimize the model for mobile and web display. Sometimes, this can cause triangulation or distortion to the model.

Here are some tips to simplify your model:

:no_entry_sign: Remove Unnecessary Polygons
Simplify components by removing unnecessary elements such as vegetation, avatars, and unneeded details. Each component should be less than 65,535 triangles.

:yarn: Simplify Textures
Reduce the quality, size and quantity of textures.

Hope this helps!

SPK Technology, Kubity

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Hi SPK Technology,
Thank you for the tips, they seem to have resolved the issue.


Thank you for your comments.