SketchUp Model Import Issues in Unreal Engine: Normals

Whenever I import to Unreal Engine with Datasmith, my SketchUp file has some missing geometry. I’ve tried working with two sided materials in Unreal (no luck) and have also tried their mesh editor (selecting back faces and flipping them…which works, except none of my textures are on the faces and there are just wayyyy to many to fix. Its one thing to go in and edit like three or four areas, its another to edit a whole model like that.) I understand the issue is with my model’s normals, and that in SketchUp they are often hard to work with. I’ve tried orient faces but it seems to mess things up more (maybe I’m using it wrong) and reverse faces just seems like too much. I am using groups and components in my model. No, I’m not even going to consider moving to another render engine, as I need unreal for a certain project I am working on. Here’s a video to show you what I’m working with.

Are the faces flipped already in SketchUp or does it happen on import?

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It was my issue…I didn’t work with back faces correctly.

You can set Face Style to Monochrome and it gets easier to see i parts of the model is inside out.


Exactly what I did. I was used to TwinMotion where I didn’t have that issue.

@caydenwilson017 I guess Twinmotion fixes those problems for you by either automatically orienting the faces at export OR making the materials double sided in Twinmotion.
Datasmith and fbx export ‘expect’ you to make your models in the correct way by fixing the backfaces yourself.

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