Does anyone have a workaround to get SketchUp 2017 make models into Unreal Engine?

The Datasmith extension only works for SU2019-2023. So is there a way to get the model into UE5?

Send them into twinmotion first

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check, then what?

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Thank you.

That will not work. It requires an unreal plugin that is no longer compatible with the latest version of UE5. :cry:

You can import sketchup files from unreal or twinmotion without the datasmith plugin

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No idea what those are.

I dont need to get anything from Unreal,
I need to get a model from SU2017 > UN5

Can’t UE5 import .dae files? Can you use Blender to convert SU file to FBX? Looks like I can export .fbx from Blender 3.6.