Datasmith export looks different from SketchUp viewport

I’m new to Sketchup so this is probably a very simple question to answer but I don’t know how to word it for Google because all of my searches led to dead ends.

My problem is specifically with the Datasmith plugin and how the end-result imported into Unreal Engine 5 does not match the viewport in Sketchup.

I created the following model for a house based on a floorplan (only using lines and rectangles, then painted the faces). But when imported with Datasmith it looks like different (on the left).

In sketchup I can select every face and paint them but it looks like in Unreal some of the faces are not imported. The error probably lies with me and how I made the model in Sketchup because some portions of the model display correctly, like the front of the building here on the 2nd pair of images:

I am unsure as to where I messed up if anyone could point me to the direction of the solution would be enough. I can do the searching but I can’t word exactly what the problem is.

Do you have some reversed faces in your model? They are a blueish color. Typically reversed faces do not render.


Thank you that was exactly it. Applied the default monochrome materials to my model and a bunch of the faces were reversed, just reversed every blue face to white and now it looks perfect!

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