Kobol Helios4 Case Adapted for Raspberry Pi 3b Review

Hello community,

The Kobol team has built Helios4, a NAS with their own SBC. It’s very nice, but it’s already sold out.
They have released the design of a 2.5" case which I’ve adapted using the free version of SketchUp 2016.

The goal is to adjust the design to reuse my Raspberry Pi B+, spare HDDs. The HDDs get connected using a D-Link USB Hub (DUB-H7).
There is also a room for an Arctic F9 fan in the back.

The design should allow either usage of either 3x3.5" HDD or 4x2.5" HDD, or a mix.

My request here is pretty simple :slight_smile: :
1- what do you think about the design?
2- how can I be sure that the different parts can get assembled? maybe i’ve done a 1mm shift of something which makes the assembly impossible
3- the thickness of every side should be 3mm Acrylic. Shall the anchors/holes be 3mm or 3,1mm so the assembly can be made?
4- do you know any cheap laser cutting online services where I can make this project become a reality?

Thank you

Helios4_MiniCase_r2_raspberry_model_b_3mm.skp (2.4 MB)

Here is an updated version :slight_smile:

tanto_raspberry_nas_case.skp (2.6 MB)