Kobol Helio4 Mini-Case .skp File Edition for a Raspberry Pi fit

Hello community,

I’ve followed a rapid tutorial for building 3D models with SketchUp. I’m able to make, save, edit a simple 3D model. But this doesn’t seem enough to edit the .skp files the Helios4 team published for the Helios4 Mini-Case (link).

All I want is to adjust them for the Raspberry Pi dimensions. But it seems that I can’t edit (move/delete holes, make circles, rectangles, …).

Do you have any idea why?
Can you tell me how to edit those?


I don’t know. I can move and delete holes. Could also edit them. You do need to enter the groups to edit them, however. Maybe you aren’t doing that? Double click on a group with the Select tool or right click and choose Edit group.

Thank you DaveR, I didn’t “enter the groups”.
Btw, excellent method of explaining using gifs!

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