Can't thicken wall of project

I am building a casing for a sumobot’s electronics and I can’t seem to thicken a wall of of one of the sides. The file is box.skp (273.1 KB)
Can anyone try and get all the walls to be 1cm thick without impeding the interior. Thanks

Yes. But the model is so poorly constructed that the easiest way to do this is start over. Is the bottom supposed to be 1 cm thick, too?

Would you be able to do this for me and send it back. The bottom only does need to be as it needs to be possible to 3d print. At school the whole thing has to be slightly thick to be able to 3d print. The outside needs to be 10by 10 and the inside has to be 9 by 7.

I don’t know what this means.

Are the external dimensions correct?

Do you really want the walls to be 1 centimeter thick? That won’t leave much room on the inside.

Maybe 5mm thick would be better and I do need the extrusion for an ultrasonic to sit in.

What about the hole in the end, then?

I do need it. It’s for the ultrasonic sensor to be stuck in.

What are the measurements of the inside?

I used the outside dimensions of the box you drew, made the walls 5 mm thick and put the hole at the same height above the bottom and made it the same height you had.

What sort of transducer goes into it?

Its a raspberry pi and an ultrasonic sensor

box.skp (272.2 KB)

Can you maybe do the thickness instead to 0.25 as I need the inside to be 9 by 5.7

The model I uploaded is a clean model. You should be able to adjust the wall thickness yourself using Push/Pull. Just open the component for editing and have at it.

It would be easier if you could just make the outside 10 by 8 and the inside 9 by 7

But you won’t learn anything about using SketchUp if I do that. I’ve given you a printable model already and you can make the needed changes. If you’d like to hire me for further development work, send me a PM and we can talk about my fees and such.

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I just can’t work out how to change the inside lines to be slightly different to the rest

You should learn it …

(And you should learn how to say: Thank You Dave!)

i managed it myself from the stuff you sent me so it is now 0.07 off actual size so I can continue editing from here.


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