Making components Solid

Hi all,

I’m having issues with my project being able to be printed. I always get warnings that my wall thickness is below 1 mm, even tho i used the push/pull tool to make them solid. I used the Solid Inspector 2 and removed all obstacles, but it still does not work. Did I do it wrong?

This was my project: würfelbrett.skp (538.8 KB)

You have .5mm on some of your hinges.

Hello, thank you for the fast reply. You are right. I will correct that, thank you. Yet when trying to print it also complains that all of my walls are thinner than 1mm, this is really confusing to me. Do you know what the issue might be there?

You also have issues on the Pins.
The only thing I can think of is that you may have exported them at the wrong scale.

I suspect it is telling you that every component has at least one wall that is less than 1mm, as opposed to that every wall is less than 1mm. Every pin has thin walls where there are hollows at the end. @Box showed one place where a recess for a pin’s head had a thin wall. I wonder if the small shoulder inside the hole also bothers the slicer, as it too is 0.5mm (see example below). This is the case in every hole that receives the end of a pin.

Thank you, this was my mistake.