Unable to 3D print with cuouts/holes


I am working on a small project of printing an flower pot, and having issues with a top edge and some holes that will not print. The top brim will not print and also not the holes, well I know the holes will not print but they are not there when printing.

Hope someone got and idea.

OrkidePotte v2.skp (261.4 KB)

The walls of your model have not thickness so there’s no way it’s going to be 3D printable. How thick are you expecting the walls to be?

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Hi, I thought that was handled in the printing software as I can choose it there. But the plan is around 1mm

You need to model the thing the way it will be printed. The walls mush be given thickness. You have units set to Centimeters. How large is this thing supposed to be?

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The plan is 15cm hight and 8cm dia bottom and 13 dia on top

Hang on a minute, then. The only correct dimension of those is the height.

Is there some tutorial you saw somewhere that indicated you could leave the model with no thickness?

I did see one tut telling not to worrie about the wall thickness, but again I have been waching 100 of videos :sweat_smile:

A SketchUp tutorial?

My main thing is that the one with studs needs to fit inside the other one that holds water. The measurement is from what I have scribled down and is not critical.

Are they supposed to be two pieces?

Yes, the one fits into the other

Think so since I have been working with Sketchup. I did a print and it works, only not beein able to see the holes and sliced hole.

Well, first of all, whatever video you saw that told you to not model wall thickness is a poor excuse for a tutorial.

To start, Draw a cross section of the pot with the wall thickness (I think 1 mm is too thin but that’s up to you.) and use Follow Me to make the shape 3D. You can add the posts and the through holes after that. Then model the outer pot to maktch.

All kinds of funny shapes here :sweat_smile:

That’s what happens when you set it up wrong. Probably ought to spend some time going through the instructional materials at learn.sketchup.com

I redrew your model based on the dimmensions you provided. Both components are reported as “solid” and will be 3D printable.
OrkidePotte v2.skp (237.5 KB)

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I will go back to the school bench :nerd_face:

There could be a few reasons why the top edge and holes on your flower pot model are not printing. Here are some possible solutions to try: We sometimes also face such kind of issues while 3D visualization work.

  1. Check your model’s geometry: Make sure that your model has clean and closed geometry. If the top edge or holes are not closed, they may not print properly. You can use a tool like “Meshmixer” to check and repair any issues with your model’s geometry.
  2. Increase the model’s thickness: If the top edge is too thin, it may not print correctly. Try increasing the thickness of the top edge by a few millimeters in your 3D modeling software.
  3. Enable support structures: If the holes are not printing, try enabling support structures in your 3D printing software. Support structures can help to stabilize overhanging or unsupported parts of your model during printing.
  4. Adjust print settings: Check your printer settings and adjust them as needed. You may need to increase the temperature or print speed to ensure that the material fully fuses together.
  5. Check your printer’s calibration: If none of the above solutions work, it could be a problem with your printer’s calibration. Make sure that your printer’s bed is level and the extruder is properly calibrated.

By trying these solutions, you should be able to troubleshoot and fix the issues with your flower pot model not printing properly.