3D Print Failing


I created a 3D design and began printing. The holes I created in the program will not print. What have I done wrong, or what can I do to make sketchup talk to my makerbot?

Design fills in all the holes I need? HELP

Your question is too vague and broad to answer. Please post the model and then someone may be able to help you.


Correct face orientation and one solid?


I drew a lid for a box with 12 holes through the top. I am using a replicator 2x to print and sketchup pro to do the design. I initially printed the design with no issues. I enlarged the holes and exported to print a second time. The holes show on the sketchup and makerbot file link, but do not print. The drawing is done as a single entity as far as I know.


Can you share the model here?


LIDXXX.skp (1.2 MB)


Your object is not a SketchUp solid (it is not even a component or group). If you make it a Component, SketchUp finds flaws that prevent it from being a “solid”. Try TT’s Solid Inspector 2 or TIG’s Solid Solver to see the problems. There are quite a few. The holes are among them.


Thank you for your input. I appreciate it


The Solid Inspector2 worked great. Thank you for your help!