3D Printing Questions

I’ve never gotten anything printed before, and I don’t even know if it is feasible.

I’m trying to make a housing for my 7" touch screen simulator.

I made a basic model and and it’s saying $285 which seems a bit high.

Simulator Housing.skp (352.3 KB)

Another thing I’m not sure about is how to add screw holes for mounting the screen. If the housing is made of plastic I expect I could make the hole just smaller than the screw and not worry about making threads.

Does it have to be one piece? It might be less expensive if you can divide it into several flattish pieces.

As for screws, depends on the screws you want to use. One good option if you want to use machine screws is to use small metal threaded inserts which you can insert into holes by heating them with a soldering iron and pressing them in.

Maybe this will make you feel better about the $285 price. :slight_smile:

I could get my brother in-law to custom fabricate one for a lot less than that!! I guess there is a reason not everything is 3D printed yet.

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I understand there are several makes of full “premium” laptop computers with a chassis carved out of a single block of aluminium that cost less than that.

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