Recommendation on a online printing at a reasonable cost?

So Shapeways just quated me $300 to print my part. After reading some posts here on printing, it will probably save me some $$ to make my model hollow, which I was avoiding as it always seemed to cause issues with faces, reverse faces, missing faces, faces getting scretched, but I will have to see if I can make it hollow without ruining it.

Anyone have a recommendation for a on line printer that has reasonable pricing??

Not sure about the reasonable priced printing, but for making hollow models I would use applications that are good at doing that. Make the SketchUp model as just the outer wall of the model, then use Meshmixer or Cura to open the STL file, and to then make it be hollow. Export the STL from the program you used, and see what Shapeways quote is for the hollow model.


Hey Colin, thanks that is helpful!

Thanks for the help. After working on this model for about 40 hours, learning a little about sketchup along the way, I thought I was done. Now I find I need to do a bunch more edits, as there are stray lines and a bunch of other error found on a solid check that I have no idea how they got there…

I really dont want to try to learn another program, but it seems like I cannot edit the model anymore. I think it may be because I made it a group. Is there any way to reverse so I can edit it?

I did things to the model b/c I was aske “why didnt you do X (make group, make componet, make copy” like you were told" etc, etc. but I really didnt know the effect “doing X” would have then I found I had to start over. The Sketchup on line tutorial wont work on my machine, so I have been relying on utube videos to try to learn and when I get really stuck I posted here.

Maybe I have to start again?

Swingarm5.1CopiedandFilpped (1).skp (398.4 KB)

Installed Utilimaker Cura. Every single model I have looks like this when I open it. The very first thing I do when I start a new model (which I have had to do over a dozen times) is delete the human figure. But it never really goes away…

That is Helen. I think she is there to haunt you.

If you deleted Helen (she will be upset) and then exported STL, something is wrong. Your model is in there too, it’s just small. Just need to get rid of Helen.

Taking a quick glance at Cura and Meshmixer, I think that Meshmixer has more tools for making hollow models. But I may not be seeing them in Cura.

When I look for her, she is not in my STL file(I cant see her), she only shows up when I upload it to an outside print service…its wierd

You have hidden her, not deleted her. Turn on hidden objects on the right side menu, glasses icon, and select and delete her.

Well done, shes gone.

Anyway to edit that file Swingarm5.1 (above) it seems that I cant anymore… Dont know if I can reverse whatever I did that locked it…

Double click a group to open for editing.

I do that but I cant push pull. I get a message about smooth surfaces…

You can only P/P a flat face. Turn on hidden objects again and if there are lines across the surface then you can’t P/P it.

I have p/p this spot before, but I did something that is preventing me from doing it now. Would Intersect faces prevent p/p?

I did look at the model to see what was wrong. What would reduce the number of problems would be to have the top part be one group, the middle another, and the bottom a third. Do whatever it takes to make those three parts be a solid. Once they are all solid you can use Solid Tools to make a shell of all three, and that is what you want to print.

I was worried that might not work in Free, but Free does seem to have Outer Shell as a solid tools option.

I cant seem to make groups, either, here is the menu I get when I select and right click

You only have the face selected, you need the edges too.

Looks like I left the inside surface out too. Can that be fixed?

Edited the group and selected the inside face. All is much better now.

Swingarm5.1CopiedandFilpped (2).skp (395.3 KB)

Can you do a solid inspection?