How to take a file and get it printed online...correctly. :)


I think I have a part mocked up that is ready to print.

air vent attempt #2.14 support.stl (128.4 KB)

I went to something or other xyz and uploaded a file for a quote. I got back about $40. Having never done 3D printing, it was higher than I expected. My real question however is that in the quote, it had the dimensions as 1.97x1.97.1.97. This is throwing me because I need the exact dimension I mocked up and I have a 3"x3" platform as part of my piece fabricated.

Can anyone help me out with the process of getting my file into the right end product?

Thanks so much.


Hey there, can you upload the SketchUp model you had drawn for this? When I load the stl file in CURA, it shows up super tiny. The dimensions they have in the quote might be in millimeters.

The price is probably dependent on a few factors: the material, the amount of time this will take to print, and if any support structure is needed for the print.


I imported your STL file into SketchUp (into an “inch” model) and exported it again as a binary inch model:

I uploaded it to Shapeways and selected “inches” as the units:

Plastic prices are about $16-$20.


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