Exported to STL, uploaded to Shapeways, now dimensions are different

Uploaded to Shapeways to get quote on printing. The model on their end has different dimensions…why didthe dimensions change? I need it exactly as I drew it…

How different are the dimensions? What units did you import the .stl file at? You have to provide some real information in order for us to help you.

I imported a model I created in inches in the default of mm. So I uploaded it again, now I am getting a ghost image of the model that appears when you open Sketchup…

Does that mean you changed the import units to inches?

As for the ghost image in the Shapeways preview, you’ll need to talk to the Shapeways people. That’s not a SketchUp problem.

As I asked before, share your skp file so we can see what you are starting with.

On the Shapeway site, I initially did not know that the default was in mm, so I believe that my first upload went over in mm. I have changed the setting on their site to InchesSwingarm5.1FinalHalfModel (1).stl (273.0 KB)

I asked for the .skp file.

Swingarm5.1FinalHalfModelas Component.skp (474.8 KB)

The .skp file you uploaded isn’t ready for 3D printing. The group isn’t solid.

And you have two groups overlapping each other.

Ok, how do I get it solid?

You have to remove the 23 stray edges, 103 internal faces and fix the surface border which is a hole in a surface.

Ok, this version I must have saved while I was trying to copy paste and flip to create the entire part…I was able to join the 2 halves and have that saved under another file name. For printing, it seems it will be easier to print two then glue them together after.

103 internal faces? how would I go about doing that? And I thought I was done. LOLO

I COULD NOT get Sketchup “followme” tool to do that transition to the bend right, it ALWAYS left a hole, and I could not seem to make a face out of it, even though it was bounded by lines.

I’d start by hiding the surfaces of the cylinders so you can access the excess geometry and remove it.

Early on in this process you were given the advice to work at a larger scale like meters so you could avoid these holes and other tiny geometry issues. I wonder why you haven’t taken that advise.

I dont recall seeing that. I drew it in the actual dimensions of the part. Made sense to do it that way at the time.

Wow, they want $300 to print it! Had no idea…

I have found the on line printing services to be erratic and often exorbitant in pricing. How does US$11,000 sound for printing 4 rods 25x25x250mm in titanium sound!