Export as stl small object

my skp file is big in sketch up but when i export it… it turns really small

What units did you use when you made the model? What units are you importing it into the slicer with? Upload the SKP file so we can see it.


If you’d like help you need to meet us at least half way.

sorry…Untitled.skp (578.3 KB) nes 4.stl (2.0 MB)

i used inches
about 3 inches

I guess I’d be looking at your slicer software. i.Materialise shows it at the same size as the SketchUp model when I upload your STL.

FWIW, you still haven’t made the parts show as solids in SketchUp so they aren’t going to print correctly.

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how would i do that

How would you do what?

i figured it out

so how do i get them to show as solids?

Figured what out?

Fix the problems

thats all?

It should be.

it says its only 1 mb? i have had smaller things be 23 mbs is that supost to happen

Could be. Depends on how much geometry and if you have unused stuff that needs to be purged. I wouldn’t worry about the file size at the moment.