SketchUp vs 123d

I have designed the same model in sketch up and 123d.
when I export stl in sketch up( checked with solid inspector no error) the file is not printable.
It only seems to have about 35kb.
When I export stl file from 123d the file size is some where in the 8 mb range and is printable.
What am I doing wrong in sketch up?
Thanks for any help as usual.

Can you upload the skp file so we can inspect it to see what might be the issue?

here is the file
Untitled1.stl (37 Bytes)

As slbaumgartner said, please upload the SketchUp file. A valid STL file cannot be 37 bytes. Something has probably interrupted your export.


Untitled11.stl (39 Bytes)

Upload the SKP file as both slbaumgartner and Anssi asked. Not the STL file.

At a guess I would say you are trying to export from SU without selecting the object but have the box ticked for export selection only.


here is the sketchup file I’m tryig to export as stlUntitled11.skp (1.1 MB)

I don’t know what to say…I downloaded your skp, selected the Group in it, exported as stl, and here’s what Meshlab shows as the contents of the stl:

I know what to say, exactly what I said above.
You have ticked the box that says export selected geometry only, but have failed to select any geometry.
I tried it and it creates an .stl file of 39bytes, just like the ones above.

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Okay thanks for all your help. I finally get it.