Problem creating STL-files


I’m new to Sketchup and this forum.
Bought myself a Vertex 3D printer some month ago and soon realized I needed something to design my own projects not only printing others designs. Sketchup became my choice and I’m learning.

I have the S Make program and have installed the Sketchup STL ad on.
Yesterday I played around and designed a nonsense figure just to train myself. Also managed to save as an STLfile and open it in Repetier.

Today I made an actual design that I needed and saved it but realized that the save file was only 84 bytes large. Saved as SKB it is about 1 Meg. What are the typical noob misstakes leading to this ?

Maybe you have choosen to export only selected objects and had nothing selected?

Yes, you are right.
Thanks Cotty !

There must be a good reason why you have select what to convert to stl but it sure aint intuitive.

You are not required to have anything selected. You have an option to export the selection, otherwise everything gets exported.

Are you using the lastest version 2.1.5? The dialog should look like the one in the image:

Thanks Jim

I’ll make sure to uncheck that box