Keyboard shortcuts gone in SU 2016, or am I missing something?

Can’t find any keyboard shortcuts. Can’t add any in Windows-preferences-shortcuts, the button is greyed out. Anyone else with this issue? Thanks!

Well, my husband stood behind me, and all started working again…in reality, I probably hit the reset all button to get things working correctly.

Your computer must have the same HPA system that my wife insists has been secretly installed throughout our home. According to her the Hubby Proximity Alert kicks in instantly whenever I come within visual range and automatically adjusts whatever it was that wasn’t working.


Also known as the “magic fingers principle”, a reversal of Murphy’s law: issues disappear as soon as someone competent to fix them is present.

It happens frequently where I work (I spend part of my time helping out my colleagues with CAD/BIM/computer problems)


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I’m having the same problem. First-time installation of a fresh download of Sketchup 2016 on a new, Windows 10 computer. The only two menu items that have keyboard shortcuts displayed and working are Camera > Zoom Window (ctrl-shift-W) and Zoom Extents (ctrl-shift-E).

No spouse available to re-enable them. Clicking icons for each task is painful and slow. Ideas?

If you have an earlier PC version you can use Preferences > Shortcuts > Export to make a preferences.dat file.
Put it on a memory-stick, email it to yourself or transfer it over your network etc…
Then use Preferences > Shortcuts > Import to install that file.
All of the shortcuts used in the older version will be included in the newer version.

One word of caution…
If the older version is earlier than v2015 [i.e. before the menu that is now named **Extensions** was called **Plugins**] AND you had shortcuts set up to run items from the Plugins menu, then they will not be added in v2016,
to fix that use a plain text editor [like Notepad++] and open the preferences.dat file, find all of the lines using Plugins/ and replace it with Extensions/ - then save it, and Import that.
Provided that the targeted Plugin / Extension is loaded, then that item should now work from the revised shortcut…

The MAC equivalent fix is to copy over some plist file, with suitable edits etc…
A hardened MAC user will advise…

Note: on Mac, TIG is talking about

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 201x/SketchUp/Shortcuts.plist

Not the main SketchUp preferences plist.

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I often help other people at work who are having some technical issues. (including SketchUp issues)

They also get the self-healing machine. My colleagues will swear it wasn’t like that when I wasn’t there.

Many of the machines at my work had the same issue where they had to click reset button before any of their shortcuts started working. (this was the move from 2014 to 2015)

I do not know why it does that, but my machine at home was fine.

Thank you TIG!!!

As a SketchUp teacher, this happens all the time, but in when I teach I’m the one with the “behind the shoulder magic”. I wish it stayed with me when working!

In order to customize shortcuts in SU 2016 click on “Sketchup” on the top menu bar, select “Preferences”, then “Shortcuts” and enter the customized shortcut in the box at the bottom center. This is all the same as previous versions of Sketchup.

Now the key is in 2016 DO NOT HIT ENTER OR ESCAPE or your customized shortcut will not take and you get an error message saying the “Key cannot be used as shortcut.” But if you simply close the dialog box using the red button at top left then it will take. The newly defined customized shortcut will be there to use and you will see it the next time you open the shortcuts dialog box under Preferences.

This is not intuitive.

Credit @yogesh at Basecamp 2016 for this solution.

@billkeck it should be pointed out this solution is a ‘mac’ thing which has been there all long…

and the escape key does work…