Keurig + Nespresso Adapter Trouble


I have a Keurig machine and bought the wrong pods (Nespresso Pods which are too small). I want to 3D print an adapter likethis one from Thingiverse (that one is for a different machine.) that allows the smaller Nespresso pod to sit on a 3d printed shell of a Keurig cup pod.

I used the warehouse and got a K cup, and Nespresso pod, overlapped them, Intersected Faces, then tried deleting the Nespresso pod faces to leave the negative space, but it gets ugly in a hurry. Any ideas?adapter_nesspresso_keurig.skp (714.3 KB)

Attached is my hideous attempt to at least give an idea of what I need. I’m also aware I’ll need to have a cylindrical hole in the bottom for the Keurig machines needle, but I’m frustrated enough that I’ll just drill that out. :slight_smile:


Does the pod need to be off center like you have it or should it be centered?

Maybe something like this?

I created a “cutter” shaped like the pod but I extended the top a bit and added a “drill” for the bottom hole. This is a simplified version of the pod because a lot of the detail around the top isn’t needed. The additional height on top and bottom isn’t critical but making it extend well beyond the other part makes cleanup easier.

Than, as Steve wrote, using Intersect Faces and erasing the unwanted bits will leave you with the adapter. I copied the cutter into the K-cup component and exploded it. Then I made a copy of that component and used the Dave Method before the Intersect operation to ensure that the result is a solid.

The K-cup component is nested in an unnecessary wrapper so explode the outer one.

FWIW, assuming the pod is exactly the right size, it wouldn’t fit in the adapter if you make the opening the same size. I enlarged the cutter a little to make some clearance.


You should make components of the two portions before overlapping them. As is, everything is just loose edges and faces, and the moment you place them overlapped SketchUp causes them to share those edges and faces. Any further adjustment will cause them to distort each other. With components, you can place them as required with no interaction, and when you have the alignment right:

  • open one for edit
  • select all the contents and edit->cut
  • close that component and open the other for edit
  • do edit->paste in place to put all the geometry into that context
  • now select everything and do your intersect faces command


Don’t forget to use a printing material that is heat resistant and food-safe!!