Connecting two shapes for 3D printing

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Apologies for asking a question straight off. I’m brand new to any kind of CAD, and I’ve gotten as far as I can understand. Without going into a lot of detail, I’m basically trying to make an adapter. There’s a tube opening on one end and a big horizontal opening on the other. You can see the two shapes, which I feel pretty good about) from the first file. The second file (which actually isn’t as correct as the first one—I went back and cleaned up the first file as I learned more) is my attempt at joining the two, but I’ve stopped because I fear I’m totally on the wrong track. Ideally, the final result would be 3D printed, and entirely solid except for the two previously mentioned openings and the connection between them. Any help would be much appreciated.

JPLPAGAN.skp (179.0 KB)
JPLPAGAN2.skp (215.6 KB)

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Does the the round part have to be as close to the rectangular part as you have it?

I did a quicky with Curviloft.
Is this what you need?
JPLPAGANBox.skp (248.0 KB)

Not necessarily. Why? I think the only issue would be that the further away maybe the more there would be some thin parts connecting… I’m not sure.

With a little more distance between them it would make them easier to connect. Take a look at what Box did. Maybe that’ll be suitable for you.

Oh wow… ■■■■. i have a lot to learn. Off to google Curvisoft. I’d been trying the Soap Skin & Bubble extension but I couldn’t get it to this!


Thanks both. I was able to DL Curviloft and replicate what’s Box sent. Um… how do I know if this is printable? I can’t really tell if the new piece is solid or not. :confused:

It needs to be a group or component. Then if you select it entity info will say if it is solid. If not, solid inspector 2 extension can tell you why not.

Many thanks!

Depending on how you did it, you’ll have several groups that need to be exploded and probably some internal faces that need to be remove.

My version was, explode your two inner groups, use curviloft to skin between the inner circle and the inner rectangle, explode the new group curviloft created, delete the end faces of the circle and rectangle, then repeat curviloft on the outer circle and rectangle, again exploding the result. At this point you need to check face orientation, the two new skins need to be white, if they are blue/gray reverse them. Done this way you should have the original outer group showing as a solid.

I remade it for a gif, quicker than all that typing. This isn’t the only way to do this, as with most things in SU there are many ways to do anything. You can see the selection error I made in the gif, some times things don’t go right the first time, or even the second time.
Curviloft Skins

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that is great, thank you!! I have tried to remake it, but actually i’m going to use the initial file you sent and try to have it printed. I can iterate from there, I think.

really appreciate your help.

I was eventually able to get the whole thing to be one solid object. I did it slightly differently than you did, but the same basic idea. The whole deleting faces thing really threw me at first.

The internal faces will get you every time. You need to think about a solid as a skin that can hold water, it can’t have any dividers inside it, even a flap(single face just sticking out in mid air) will stop it being solid.

I chatted with a 3D printer today and it sounds like this will work. Even came up with a version I like better, is still a solid object, and should print!
JPLPAGAN_SneakerPimp2.skp (249.2 KB)