Just poking my head in the door to say G'day

Quick message just to stay in touch and let people know that I didn’t disappear after all the help I have received from the forum.
Over the last couple of days I have finally had the chance to revisit SU with some very clumsy and rusty results which as the fog clears my recollection becomes clearer.
11 months ago not long after starting to learn SU and become active in the forum I lost my job and the only work I could find after 6 weeks of unemployment was a job driving interstate trucks which has me leaving home on Sunday afternoons and returning home on Friday evenings which has not left any time for any hobbies etc.
I’m not crying about this but I am very grateful for all the help from the forum that I have received, most notably from David Richards and I wanted to explain my sudden lack of absence.
So thanks again to everyone and I hope to be practicing SU in the near future


Hi Geoff, Sorry to hear about the job change. I hope there’s been something good out of it. Glad to see you back here.

Thanks Dave
There has been some good about the change, financially we are better off as driving makes better dollars than being a mechanic at the end of the week, as an hourly rate though its a lot less but like everything its a trade off.
I’m on my 2nd week of a 2 week holiday, the first week I laboured for a builder here as we built a 8m x6m timber deck. This old body definitely noticed the difference from 10 -14 hour days driving to labouring :open_mouth:
Hoping to get a little bit of SU done this week

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