Just installed the FlexTools extention. When trying to open the "Component Option" dialogue I am getting this error message: Anybody?

That looks like a problem that should only happen on Windows. Can you make a small example file that shows the problem?

This is my file. I insert the “Flexdoor v.1.22.117”, it cuts the wall OK, but when open the “Component Option” dialogue this error message appears (as in the first post).
This has something to do with other extentions I believe, because if deactivating all other extentions it seemingly works. But I dont have time for deactivating/activating each single other extention and stop/start SU each time, I have a lot of extentions…
Test_v1.skp (1.0 MB)

There are ways you could narrow down the extension quickly, like if you were to move half of your extensions out of the Plugins folder you would know whether the problem is in the half you moved or the half that was still there.

If you show the Rub Console, do you see any error messages there?

Also, let’s see if @JustinTSE knows of other extensions that have caused the problem in the past.

Nope - never seen this issue before. I would agree with Colin - open the Ruby console and see if there are any messages in there that might give you some clues.

It’s probably easier to use the SketchUcation plugins loader to quickly remove extensions from SketchUp without having to actually go in and manually remove plugins from the folder. That should let you diagnose the problem quickly.

You wouldn’t have to do this every time you use Flex Tools - you’d just have to figure out which extension it is that’s causing the issue and just unload that one.

Also maybe reach out to @Yoni and see if he’s seen this before.

Thanks Colin and Justin! Yoni is on the case also trying to sort this out.
Will try to systematically go the extention-moving way when I get a little more time.
Will keep you posted.
The Ruby cosole reports this:
1638983004678 JS Callback function error: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘units.substr’)

Problem solved!
I had 2 copies of the su_dynamiccomponents installed.
Seems this was the problem, one of them caused the malfunction.
Thanks for your support anyway! (Justin - using the Sketchucation plugin manager was a big timesaver :-))