Joints, rafters

I can’t bring up the toolbar with joists (See picture of what I’m missing) Isn’t this in the Pro version?

Your top second row of toolbar buttons relate to extension[s] loading in v2018.
I don 't know what they are…
Now you are running a newer version, you need to load the extension[s] into that version so that those tools become available…

None of the tools in the second row are native tools. They come from extensions. Where did you get the screenshot from?

Further digging turns up that those tools are part of 1001bit Tools. Check the Extension Warehouse. Install that extension.

My toolbar is this picture.
Screenshot 2018was from a “how to video”.
I just want to do the same thing as in this video :slight_smile:

Do what I told you to do: Install the 1001bit Tools extension.

Seems to me you could spend some time cleaning up your toolbars. Lots of redundant tools shown.