Joint Push Pull plugin controls nowhere to be found,

while some of the other plug-ins from same author (Fredo6), installed and loaded the same way, are fine. Mac OS Yosemite (10.10.5), Sketchup Make 2017. SU Restart doesn’t help, nor Extension manager. Said plug-in doesn’t show up with the others in the scroll down from “Tools” menu for Fredo6 collection. File is in its place, in the plug-ins folder.
Suggestions, anyone?

Did you install its RBZ properly ?
Have you installed the latest LibFredo RBZ ?
Is its Extension available AND activated in Window > Extension Manager… ?
Why not ask Fredo at:

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Thank a mil, I’ll give that a go… Lib Fredo OK since it’s working for Tools On Surface, another of his plug-ins.

Remember that LibFredo needs to be the latest version…

It’s daisy-fresh, I’m just getting started with plug-ins, after 3 years of Sketchup 8 and learning the hard way, with the basic tools. Thanks again.