Joining rect tube at 45 degrees to other tube


I’m trying to join 2x2x1/8 tubing at odd angles for bracing.
I have tried several things. Is there an easy way?
If it was a solid rather than a tube how would I do it? I could quit using hollow structures if a solid would work better.
Thanks in advance

Hi Don,

With solid tools it’s pretty quick work.

There are of course other ways of doing this without the Pro version.


You don’t really need to draw extra geometry if you are willing to erase some leftovers . The 90 degrees is just for the sake of the procedure- it can be done with the scale from the outside.

And without using the Solid tools- one of the ways. Small mistake when I selected the opposite face- it still worked because I intersected with model and not with selection. I am copying the faces inside the group because sometimes the intersection won’t recognize the fighting faces.

I almost never model the wall thickness when modelling tubing, as usually I don’t need to view the model from inside a tube.

Just thoughts


thanks so much, that helps. i’ll practice with that.
how do you get the solid tools floating tool bar to appear?

If you have Sketchup Pro, View/Toolbars check Solid tools.
If it is stacked somewhere, just click near one side and drag it on your screen.

Thanks again.
I guess the only way to learn this stuff is practice.
great to have someone to bounce things off from