Join spiral and follwme tube

Thanks to DaveR I have my spiral. Then I used the Line Tool and created the curved shape I wanted the spiral to take at one of the ends.

Then I used the FollowMe Tool to extend the tube. With the correct result except I cannot figure out how to join the 2 tubes into 1 long cable. I tried using the plugin Cleanup3 but it will not join the pieces. And maybe I should be adding the extension a different way. Does anyone have any ideas how to connect the pieces or a better way of getting the job done?
Thanks Jeff

Good start.

The easiest way to handle this would have been to add the end bit to the spiral path and do it all in one swell foop. But, at this stage you probably make join the ends of the spiral and the S-curve by selecting both and using Intersect Faces.

Any chance you share the SKP file?

It’s difficult to tell just from the screenshot…but if the spiral cross section ended perpendicular to the path (it likely did) and if the extension also started perpendicular, then you may be able to simply select that circle, delete it and have to two sections join automatically.

The first thought about the second image: this wasn’t the case here.

My thought, too.

Ah! Well if that’s not possible, my tendency would be to simply delete the first section of the S shaped extension and manually stitch the remainder to the end of the spiral. Tiresome but probably less grief than messing about with tiny, almost-coplanar intersections.

The files size is to big to upload. I have a drop box account but it will only let me share to an email address I think (I have never used the share feature). What is the best way to post my file or share it with others.

Thanks Jeff

You can copy the link from dropbox and share it but I sent you a PM with my e-mail address.

You can try to purge unneeded stuff from the file (unused components, textures, …), if the spiral is the only object, the filesize shouldn’t be to big.

Another option would be to actually delete the cable, just leaving the two paths (which presumably connect end-to-end) then do as Dave suggested and use Follow me along the entire path.
However, I would reduce the number of segments in the original circular section to only 12 or even 8. I suspect you’re using the full default 24. This is way too many for something like a cable.
You’ll cut the number of faces down to only 50% or even 33%.

Make your full path of edges/curves.
Use a Weld tool, like my
Then the selected path is made into one single 3d curve.
Choose that path [curve] then the face you want to use and do the FollowMe.
The face must be correctly oriented and perpendicular to the start of the path etc.

Alternatively consider installing my PipeAlongPath
Choose the curve path [no need for a face] and then run the tool… enter the size, segments etc in the dialog.
Having a 0 internal size make an extruded solid ‘wire’ rather than a hollow ‘pipe’.

I was thinking about your cable. Do you really want the S-curve in the cable as you’ve drawn? Or would you rather have it something like this?


I am so sorry about the delay in getting back. I know this is going to sound lame but it is true, my mom who is 86 got out of the hospital today (she is in Iowa) so I was coordinating with the family to get her back to the home. She is home and safe now and I am back. I can’t believe the cable you make DaveR, it is perfect. I would love to know how you did it. My partner and I own a little electronics shop and one of the things we do is make guitar cables and sell them on ebay and our web site - . So I am always looking on how to make a good looking cable. Yours is by far the coolest yet. I have been in electronics my whole life ( I turn 65 next month). Since the Chinese have taken over the electronics industry, I am looking for ways to improve myself in other fields, but still keep a foot in electronics. The cable you made is awesome, I would love to learn how you did it. I love the connector also. Great job. Do you do SketchUp Tutorials, if so let me know I have been watching You Tube tutorials for about 2 months trying to get the hang of this cool program. I laid out PC boards for many years but this is totally different. Will you please let me know how you did this? I would truly appreciate that. Thanks Jeff Thorne

Jeff, taking care of your mom isn’t lame (even if she does live in Iowa. :D) and you don’t need to apologize at all. You make sure she’s OK.

Thank you for the compliments. I do make tutorials and do one-on-one SketchUp instruction. I’ll make something up for this. The hardest part (and that’s not really very hard) is figuring out some of the dimensions for drawing the spiral with the raised area in the center.


Thanks DaveR

Again thanks and I will be looking forward to any possible way to make my cables look realistic. Please let me know.


You can contact me at I am new to forums so I don’t know if I can do this or not. I hope I am not breaking rules. Thanks


I clicked on your plugin links but I didn’t understand how to use them. What is sketchucation? I am very new to sketchup, but I have see the website but I have not spent the time to see what it is. Is there training on your plugins?
thanks Jeff

Jeff, check your private messages. Tell me if that works for you.