How to pull this rectangular spiral (or any shape) along the curve?

HOWtoPULLspiralALONGarc.skp (176.5 KB)

I have welded all the lines that form the spiral
that I created along a central cross divided into equals
and then changing the path along the left bottom of the cross

I tried just to pull but then the entire spiral comes along
I want it to pull like a cone along the path

How should I go about it?
Obviously my thinking is wrong

I tried to interpret your problem but I am not sure that I got it completely.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas

HOWtoPULLspiralALONGarc - JL.skp (179.5 KB)

Like this?

Hello thank you
I think it may be correct but I can’t tell as the angle doesn’t show in an angle that shows the spiral from
the smallest to the biggest side.
What I am interested in, is the method you used to pull the spiral?
Thank you.

I didn’t pull the spiral. You can’t just pull the end like you could if it was a piece of wire. I used an old extension called Helix Along Curve to draw it.

I thought I have tried to pull it along like a wire but it was the complete spiral that moved along .
I don’t have that extension. If you don’t mind me asking.
Do you mind sharing the skp file back, so I could look from other angles and explore?
Thank you very much

I didn’t save it.

If you make your original spiral so it isn’t flat you could use Scale to stretch it further but it won’t follow the long curve.

Ok sorry
Well it’s the ALONG the curve I am after…

I suppose it is this the one.
I hope it’s free thank you

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Yes. That’s the one. And yes it is available at no charge.