Coil following an arc

I’m trying to create a coil shape that follows an arc.

The approach I used here was to copy and paste the arc shapes and rotate them slightly along green axis as necessary.

The result is in the ballpark, at least, but there are lots of imperfections.

Anyone have advice on how to get a cleaner result? I’m new to sketchup.

I’d use an extension called Helix Along Curve. Fewer steps than other options and you have better control over the outcome.

Draw curve with Line and 2-Point Arc tools.
Select curve.
Run Helix Along Curve with desired parameters.

If you want to change the resulting helix, it’s one-step undo-able. You can enter different parameters.

If you need the central bent rod as you showed, draw a circle at the end of the line section of the curve and use native Follow Me along curve.


Drew the helix with curve maker:

Made the arc with a line, then modified it with the radial bending tool in fredoscale to keep it the same length:

Used shape bender to bend the helix:

Native pie circle tool to make the circle perpendicular to the path.

And follow me to extrude.

P.S. If you want to create realistic cords, then clothworks can simulate gravity to curve a segmented line.

Perfect. Exactly what I needed, thank you for pointing me towards that.


Very helpful. Thank you!

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