Drawing a curved pipe


I’ve been trying various things, including bezier curve tool. but cannot get my head round this
I have mapped out circles in an xyz but getting a nice curve or any curve is eluding me
attched file of what I haveMainTubes3.skp (204.0 KB)



Is this what you are looking for?

Top pipe was done with SketchUp’s FollowMe tool.

Bottom pipe was done with Curviloft:



It’s not immediately obvious what your issue is.

If the centers of all of your floating disks represent the nodes of some curve that you want to create, then simply draw lines between those centers.
When you have those various edges, then [if you want them as part of a ‘smooth’ curve] select them, and then use a plugin/extension like:
to ‘weld’ them into a ‘bound-curve’…
Otherwise just select those separate edges and use them as you wish [you can always smooth it later]…

Now do whatever you want with this new ‘curve’…


yes it is but follow me sent pipe off on funny angles I’ll try again. do you delete the radius line and just leave a centre mark


For FollowMe, I created an edge “path” from each circle’s center. After the path was created, I deleted all but the first circle and the path. Select the full path first! --> activate FollowMe and pick the face of the first circle… DONE.


I will have a look at the plug in thanks.


Thanks for the help on this I have now done this