Joining tubes in a 90 degree angle


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To the problem.

I have a tube where I wish to draw another tube in a 90 angle to the surface
I have seen the tutorial gif here: Holes in cylinders

The tube I wish to intersect with the other tube should be 500 mm and I start measuring a guide in a distance of 500 mm from the other tube. When I make the first circle, it ends up in a crooked angle. See attachment.

I have spend all evening trying to solve it with no actual luck. I am not happy having to go to bed without a solution :frowning: What am I not doing right here?


You can draw the second tube on the ground plane, adjacent to the tube you already have. Then simply select it all, make it a group and rotate it 90 degrees. That will stop you having to fiddle by creating a new tube in mid air.

Changing the camera angle can also help when trying to draw things like you are attempting.


You can orient your circle tool and rotation tool to red green blue axis using the up, left and right keys on your keyboard. You can also make hidden geometry visible to help you find the center of the tube relative to the redgreenblue axis


In it’s most basic form, center the two circles on the same point, use the arrow keys to set the axis, left arrow green, right arrow red. If you want the same size tubes use the edge inference.


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