Jagged & spiked graphic


After updated window & update graphic card, the graphic of our 3D is jagged and spiked
any solution?

Can you share the file so we can compare on other hardware? Did you update graphics drivers from the GPU maker? Might need to roll the drivers back but don’t do anything until we can see the file.

I open the file from another device and its ok, no problem at all

Large model extents?

small model

I did not mean that. What matters is how far from the model origin point the model reaches (including component origins etc.)

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i see

the model is in origin 0,0,0 koordinat

Check those components or groups with hidden geometry activated. They look to me like a move action that did not capture an edge. If that’s the case, they just need to be edited.

Before i updated graphic card the model is fine.

but after updated graphic card the model is error

Did you try rolling back the graphics drivers to the previous version?