Jagged lines on iPad

Hello all I’m seeing jagged lines in my models on my iPad Pro. Been using SU on the iPad since it came out and have never seen this before. I’m guessing it’s something I’ve changed but I can’t find what/where it is. My Display Size is set to default.

Version 6.5.1 (2068)
iPad OS 17.4.1
Apple M2 GPU

Any thoughts on what is causing this?

Thank you,


Hey @tripmorris thank you for reporting this. We’ve heard/seen a few other reports similar to yours.

The v6.5.0 release included a new graphics engine, with performance improvements and some new features, like Ambient Occlusion. However, as you’ve noted, the antialiasing of edges does not seem to be working on some hardware configurations, making edges look zig-zaggy. The team is currently looking into a fix for this. Hoping to have something more substantive to offer in the not-so-distant future.

Hey Mike, thank you for the update. The new features are really amazing. I’ll keep an eye out for an update. I’m hoping that you’re also going to be releasing some new features for the Apple Pencil Pro!

I have one on order, should be here on May 15th. Hopefully by then I will be able to tell you whether the new Pencil does extra nice things in SketchUp.

Hi Colin, how is the new iPad/Pencil working out, are you able to take advantage of the new Pencil features in SU for iPad?

Hover works well, I hadn’t used an M2 iPad, so that was new to me. In v6.5.1 that is the current version, the rotation of the pencil works with markup pens, and a squeeze gesture brings up a small radial menu for the pen settings. Haptics also work.

I don’t know what else is planned for the Pencil Pro. I’m sure @MikeTadros will pop by when there is something new to tell you about.